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Begin your personalised strength & mobility journey now, regain control of your body & enjoy a life free from everyday pain and niggles.

Ready to make this your reality?

Living with daily niggles is NOT how your life should be experienced. 

And as you probably know by now, throwing random exercises at the issue only makes things worse…

Charlotte from Elevate Fitness doing a squat by the sea
What you need is a...




plan of action that builds...

freedom through your joints

strengthens your weak links

and makes each day

a joy to experience…

Hear what our clients have to say...

Elevate Fitness Client SpotlightElevate Fitness Client SpotlightElevate Fitness Client SpotlightElevate Fitness Client SpotlightElevate Fitness Client SpotlightElevate Fitness Client SpotlightElevate Fitness Client Spotlight

Experience the power of personalised training, perfected with 100+ satisfied clients!

To make sure you have all the tools for success at your disposal, you’ll receive:

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Unlimited communication with me through in-app messaging & scheduled check-in calls.


A personalised training program to match your goals, ability & equipment.

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An easy-to-use app to follow & log your training sessions.


Access to the private Elevate Facebook community, filled with others on the same path as you.

Elevate Fitness Coach Charlotte Doing Splits

One of the best trainers I’ve had. You don’t even realise you’re working out.


Elevate Fitness is EPIC!!  Charlotte helped me overcome some major back issues with key training.


Now for the real fun:
Once onboard, the simple two-step plan toward your dream body begins

The Foundations

The Foundations

Eliminate daily pains & niggles

Learn to open up your joints & increase your range of motion

Build a solid foundation of strength to prepare for phase 2…

Go Beyond

Go Beyond

Unlock strength you never knew possible

Develop total freedom through all of your joints

Learn fun & challenging skills & movements…

Congrats, you made it!

Congrats, you made it!

You’ve become strong, mobile & pain-free - ready to tackle the day ahead.

You’re moving your body with total freedom in ways you never dreamed possible…

You’re full of energy & ready to tackle workouts head-on…

You’re physically and mentally prepared for whatever life throws at you…

Where do I sign?!
Charlotte, strength and mobility coach from Elevate Fitness

I’m Charlotte, Strength & Mobility Coach from Elevate Fitness…

Despite what you might think, my fitness journey has been far from plain sailing…

Having worked in an office for over 8 years of my life, I landed at a point where I felt ‘stuck in a rut’. Unfulfilled at work, I searched for ways to find fulfillment outside office hours.

You see, I had always been a relatively active person, and if growing up in the 2000s made me believe anything about exercise, it’s that it was a tool used to burn as many calories as possible & sweat like a maniac. It was no surprise then, that I began to develop a pretty unhealthy relationship with my training…

Read more about my transformation

The hours that I sat at my desk were often spent beating myself up for my inactivity, out-of-office hours were spent trying to burn as many calories as possible in group HIIT classes (sometimes twice per day) & weekends were spent topping it all off with a good old liquid diet (Yes, I loved a cheeky drink or two).

It wasn’t long before the pain from my unbalanced life began to kick in. What started as a few niggles here and there, quickly turned into full-blown pain. First my back, then my knees. It’s safe to say that this lifestyle wasn’t sustainable. Eventually, I thought to myself ‘Enough is enough’. I was sick of running on the hamster wheel of unhappiness and knew I needed to make a drastic change… so, I did what I knew best at the time: I hired a coach.

To say this coach changed my life is an understatement. Through them, I found a new love for training. They taught me how to feel strong and mobile in my everyday life & they helped me eliminate some of the niggles and pain I was regularly experiencing. As my obsession grew, I began to experiment further with my training (and new coaches) & deepen my knowledge on the subject of strength and mobility.Fast forward to today, it’s pretty wild to think that I’m a certified Strength & Mobility coach who has helped 100+ others, like yourself, reverse their pain and find freedom within their bodies. It just goes to show that, no matter your starting point, it only takes a single decision to begin changing your body for the better.

Anyway, that was a little glimpse into the world of Charlotte & why I live and breathe helping others transform their quality of life through intelligent, strategic training.

Remember: You have one body and it’s designed to last a lifetime… not just the first half!

Here’s how my clients’ lives have changed since joining Elevate Fitness:

Training with Charlotte has been a great experience!

She’s caring, smart and always puts your needs first. If you want to get in shape, become stronger or just feel better all round, I would highly recommend training with charlotte.

- Harriet

Charlotte is an incredible fitness coach, trainer and motivator.

If you want confidence, strength and support to reach your goals (whatever they are) Elevate Fitness is the place to be! Charlotte is an incredible fitness coach, trainer and motivator. She pushed me and encouraged me to train harder and I've achieved so much that I never thought I could.

- Holly

I couldn't recommend a better PT!

The program is so personalised to my goals and Charlotte is amazing at adjusting it where needed depending on my health and fitness levels at the time.

- Kate

Elevate fitness body stretching

Want to know more?

How does online coaching work?

Our online coaching program offers convenient and effective training. You'll have access to a user-friendly app with instructional videos and program instructions.

Charlotte, your dedicated coach, will provide ongoing support through app communication and scheduled calls. We focus on your specific goals, adjusting the program as needed. With flexibility and convenience, you can train at your own pace and achieve your strength, mobility, and fitness goals.

Can I benefit from online coaching even if I have limited equipment?

Absolutely! Our online coaching programs are fully personalised to accommodate the equipment you have available, whether it's at a gym or in the comfort of your home with dumbbells or relying solely on bodyweight exercises. Regardless of your equipment limitations, we will tailor your program to maximise your progress and help you achieve your goals effectively.

How personalised are the coaching programs?

Our coaching programs are highly individualised to meet your specific needs and goals. During the onboarding process, we conduct an extensive consultation, including an onboarding call. This allows us to establish your individual goals, assess the equipment available to you, understand your day-to-day schedule, and determine the time you can allocate to training sessions. This valuable information is carefully incorporated into the program design.

In addition, we have a comprehensive two-day assessment process that covers postural analysis, mobility evaluation, functional movement assessments, and strength testing. This assessment data further informs the customisation of your program.

With all this valuable information at hand, each program is fully customised based on your unique requirements, ensuring that it is tailored to address your specific goals and optimise your results.

What is your coaching fee structure?

We offer flexible payment plans tailored to suit your needs and preferences. Our aim is to provide options that work best for you, ensuring that you can access our coaching services in a way that aligns with your financial situation and goals.

What is the duration of the coaching program?

Our coaching programs have a duration of 16 weeks. We believe in the importance of building sustainable habits and achieving long-term results. Within this timeframe, we focus on equipping you with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to foster lasting change and empower you to maintain your progress well beyond the program's conclusion. Our aim is to get you long-term results and support you in leading a healthier, more functional, and fulfilling lifestyle.